Making Money With Microtasking

Microtasking involves completing small jobs online in exchange for payment. It allows companies working on a project to split the project down into small tasks (microtasks), and outsource it to internet workers. Microtasking is low paid, but it is a way to make money online.


microtasking site MTurk is probably the best known of all microwork sites
microtasking site MTurk is probably the best known of all microwork sites

How Microtasking Works

Microtasking companies have a list of jobs which are available. You select the ones you want to work on from the current jobs available. The jobs are loaded into an interface and there is usually a time limit to complete the job. If you accept a job and then realise you cant complete it within the time limit given you can choose to abandon the job although this may affect your quality rating as a worker if it happens too often. Once you have completed your job, press the submit button and wait for the company to accept the job and pay you.

Where Do I Find Microtasking Jobs?

The most well known Microtasking company is Amazons MTurk also known as Mechanical Turk. Jobs here are called HITs which stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. Pay ranges from a few cents for short tasks up to a dollar or more for more specialised tasks.


The more lucrative tasks tend to be snapped up quickly here so you need to check the site many times a day to get the best jobs. Also MTurk requires workers to be qualified before accepting some HITS. This involves taking a short online test to ensure you understand the requirements of a certain customer or understand the subject enough to be able to work on it.


Other Microtasking companies include Clickworker, Microworker and Click Chores.

What Sort Of Work Is On Offer?

Transcribing, extracting data, classifying items and surveys make up the bulk of work on Microtasking sites.  Occasionally there may be some freelance writing work but you can get better rates of pay for this on sites such as Iwriter.

How Much Can I Earn?

Microtasking is low paid. It has been criticised for exploiting workers with extremely low rates of pay. It would be difficult to earn anything close to the UK minimum hourly wage, but it is possible to make some money at this. MTurk however pay their UK workers in Amazon gift cards.

This sort of work will never make you rich but if you have some spare time and don’t mind the low pay then this is another way of making money online.

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