How To Win Competitions!

You may have already heard of Di Coke, one of Britain’s most prolific compers.  Every year she takes home a veritable host of prizes including cars, cash and luxury holidays.  Whilst many of us can only dream of being that lucky, regular compers believe that you can significantly increase the odds in your favour if you follow a few simple tips.  So can you really influence the gods of fate to help you win competitions or is it all down to pure luck?


win a car!
win cars and other fantastic prizes

Jenny Fortune is an experienced comper and author of the book “How To Win Competitions“.  She believes that you  can increase your chances of winning quite significantly if you follow a few golden rules.  Here are her winning tips.

You Have to Be in It To Win It

You probably think that one is blindingly obvious but you will never win a competition you dont enter! Likewise, the more competition you enter the more you are likely to win.  Serious compers know that winning is a numbers game.  It is incredibly easy to enter competitions online – all it takes is a few minutes.  Every one you enter is a chance to win!


Some Competitions are Easier To Win Than Others

As a general rule, the more effort you have to put into entering a competition, the less entrants it will will attract.  Tie breaker competitions, or those which require you to take a photograph or complete a create task attract far fewer entrants than those which just require you to fill in a simple form.
Local competitions sometimes attract a mere handful of entrants. Check out your local newpaper or what’s on guide for some potential winning opportunities.  Lesser known blogs are also a goldmine for wins.


Know Where To Find The Best Competitions and Loquax are two of the best sources for online competitions.  You can find over 3000 competitions a month at Prizefinder, split into easy categories. Sort by category – Cars, Cash, Gadgets, Games, Kids etc to focus on the prizes you most want to win.  You can also search for competitions which are closing each day and track your entries

You can find competitions on Twitter on Twitaculous or by searching using #competition.  Twitter competitions are some of the easiest to enter as most just require a follow and retweet.  You can also just type into google “win {name of prize you want to win}”.  You will need to check competition is still in date but this can turn up some gems!


Comping Quick Tips

  • For winning tiebreakers check out Winspiration
  • Get a form filling app to take the monotony out of entering your personal info
  • If you only have limited time, only enter comps with prizes you really want.
  • Check out local papers, shops and products for little entered comps
  • Keep track of your entries and your wins!

 Positive Thinking Can Help You To Win Competitions!

Never underestimate the power of thinking positive.  One comper uses visualisation and postive affirmations to help her win competitions.  She visualises herself receiving the winning notification and how she will feel when she receives her prize. Since starting this, her wins have shot up remarkably! So think positive and start winning!


How To Win Competitions
How To Win Competitions By Jenny Fortune

You Can Buy Jenny’s Book How To Win Competitions Here for just 99p






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Are no deposit bingo and casino deals worth it?

Casino and bingo offers are absolutely everywhere these days.  It is nearly impossible to find an advert break past nine pm without at least one in it.  It all seems very tempting – the promise of a free £20 casino credit, free slot spins or £15 to try out a new bingo site.  But are these offers really worth it and can you really win?


25 free spins
25 free spins – 18 + only

Why Do Casinos And Bingo Sites Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

Competition in the gambling industry is fierce.  Companies have to have massive marketing budgets just to survive in this cut throat industry.  Imagine that you google “online casino” and click on the first promoted link. These are the ones that appear above the normal search results. This click will cost the advertiser a staggering £93.60  That’s without you even signing up as a player.

Casinos know that you are more likely to deposit your hard earned cash at a casino you know and have already played at.  Which is why casinos give away these “free lunches” in the form of no deposit bonuses and free promotions.  But is there a catch?

There’s No Catch But Always Read The Small Print


Whilst casino and bingo sites can legitimately hand out these no deposit bonuses to new players, there will be terms and conditions attached to them.  Almost all sites will limit the amount you can cash out if you haven’t made a deposit.  You may find there are restrictions on which games you can play – slots are usually allowed but progressive slots may not be.  Likewise blackjack and other table games may be restricted too.  You will also have to meet a wagering requirement, that is you need to play through a certain amount usually displayed as x times the bonus.  If your no deposit bonus was £10 and the wagering requirement was 20 times the bonus, your play through requirement would be £200.


Can I Cash Out Real Money?

Yes, you can cash out real money from these offers but you may not be able to cash out all of your winnings. If your maximum cash out is £50 then any winnings over that will be removed from your account when your withdrawal is processed.

To make a withdrawal you will most likely have to supply your documents. This is the law with all casino/bingo sites in the UK.  This is mainly to prevent money laundering.  The usual documents which are requested are drivers license or passport, a copy of any credit cards used to make the deposit and proof of address. This can be in the form of a recent bill. Documents can be sent by email or fax.  We recommend covering the digits on your card all bar the last four.


Where Do I Find Gambling Offers?

All gambling companies must have a license in order to advertise in the UK. You can find a list of gambling sites licensed by the Gambling Commission on their website. You can also use casino directory sites such as Casino Vamp, Go Casinos UK and Bingo Blighty. Or you can just wait for the next advert break!!









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Win Cool T-shirts from

Win T-Shirts!! Our friends over at are holding a fab new competition to win any T-shirt on their site.  Bear Prints offer a range of cool and humorous tees for men, women and children.  Three lucky winners will be able to choose any of the designs on their site as their prize.

pagan and proud ladie top
Pagan and Proud Ladies Strappy Top


Biker T-Shirts Born To Ride – Forced to Work T-shirt



Witty, Fun and Cool TShirts

There are hundreds of different Tshirts designs on site ranging from witty mens slogan tshirts, ladies strappy tops and cool kids tees.  If you have a special biker in your life they will be truly spoiled by the range of biker style shirts on offer.  “Fat Bikers Bounce Better”, “RESPCT”, “Loud pipes save Lives” or ” Keep Calm and Ride” are just some of the many designs available.


If Sugar Skulls are more your thing check out this gorgeous ladies strappy top and mug.


ladies sugar skull strappy top
Ladies white sugar skull strappy top



day of the dead sugar skull mug
This sugar skull mug is gorgeous

Custom T-Shirts And Work Wear

If you would like a custom tshirt or a branded logo shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt for your business, Bear Prints will custom make designs to your specification.  Unlike other promotional item printers,there is no charge for artwork and even one-off commissions are welcomed.  If you are just starting up in business and would like some clothing to promote your brand, contact them and they will be happy to help.


Up to XXXL With Fast UK Delivery

Shirts are available in a range of sizes from S to XXXL.  Bear Prints are based in the UK and most items are dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order.


How To Enter The Competition.

To enter simply send your name, address and the Tshirt you would like to win to  Three winners will be chosen at random on 31st July 2016.


For More Info on Bear Prints visit or visit them on Facebook 




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