Qmee – get paid as you search

Qmee – What is it?

Qmee – pays you to search the web and click on websites!

Qmee is a fantastic little browser addon which will pay you just for searching the web as you normally do.  The unobtrusive little addon sits in your browser and when you search on Google, Ebay Amazon and Yahoo, occasionally  Qmee results pop up to the left of the regular search results.

The App currently works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately its not yet available for Edge.

All you need to do is search as you normally do and results will pop up when Qmee has a matching result.  You can see how much you will be paid just to click on the link underneath each result.  This is usually about 6p.

Cash Out Any Time
Unlike other pay per click sites Qmee allows you to cash out your earnings at any time directly to paypal.  Your earnings are sent immediately although it may take up to two hours for your payment to show up in Paypal.  There is no minimum payment amount for Paypal.

You can also choose to take your earnings in Gift Cards or donate them to charity.  Gift cards are available for Amazon £5, Starbucks £5 and ITunes £10.

How Much Can I Earn?
There is no limit to how much you can earn but we have just cashed out our first £5 in a little over one month.  Qmee results only pop up if they have a matching advertiser for your query and repeatedly clicking links or trying to game the system by trying to deliberately make results pop up doesn’t work.

NEW – Surveys Now Available
A new addition to Qmee are surveys which can significantly help you to boost earnings.  The average pay per survey is 50p – 68p and unlike other survey sites you can cash out your earnings immediately.  We have found about 50% of our available surveys were rejected – either because we did not fit the criteria, the survey was full or for technical reasons.  Some of the surveys are quite long and fiddly – one that we were given involved a speed reaction test, but on the whole the surveys are easy and well designed.

Our Review
Overall we are loving this addon/app.  Simple, effective and no hassle and whilst it is not going to make us millionaires, every little helps.  Realistically you are probably going to be able to bank around £5 a month with it, so that’s enough to pay for Christmas Dinner over the course of the year.  5 stars.

Join Qmee Now
To join Qmee all you need to do is follow this link:  Q-mee


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