Save Money on Energy Bills – Check How Much You Can Save

The average dual fuel energy bill for a UK household is now over £1300 a year.  You could be paying way too much for your energy, particularly if you have been with one supplier for a long time.  However, with so many suppliers and tariffs to choose from, switching energy companies can be confusing and complicated.  To help you make the right decision Free Price Compare offers a free and impartial service to help you find the best deal in your area.  Check if you could save money on energy in less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea.


save money on energy bills

Check if you can save money on your energy bills instantly

Check If You Can Save Money On Energy in Just 4 Minutes

It takes just 4 mins to see if you can save money on energy.  We entered our details and we were shocked to find out we could be saving over £300 a year by switching to a new supplier.  Comparing prices is simple, enter you email address postcode and your current energy supplier if applicable.  To get the most accurate quote enter how much you are currently paying but if you dont know this, they will work it out using the  average spend for your size of home.  With all UK suppliers covered you can be assured you will be finding the best deal.


Switching Suppliers Simply

If you find a cheaper supplier, switching is easy.  All you have to do is fill in the form on site and Free Price Compare will handle your switch for you, with no hassle and no cost to you whatsoever.

How Long Does It Take To Switch Energy Companies

It takes on average 5 weeks to switch, including the essential 2 week cooling off period required by UK law.  However you can sit back and let Free Price Compare handle everything for you.  They will contact your new supplier and arrange a switch date, and contact your old supplier to tell them you are leaving.


How Much Can I Save On Energy?

The company quote savings of up to £578.  The exact amount you will save depends on your energy usage and size of your home.  10% of customers actually saved more than £578!  The service is totally free with no obligation so try it and see what you could save.

What If I Change My Mind

Not a problem.  You have 14 days to cancel your switch if you decide not to go ahead.


Check If You Could Save Money on Energy



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