5 Ways To Make Money Today!

make money today
5 Ways To Make Money Today

We have all had times when there has been too much month for your money, and never more so than just after Christmas!! If January seems like the longest month in financial history. these five simple tips can help you make money today.

1. Sell something

Online marketplaces such as Ebay are great for making some quick cash. Scout around your home and you are bound to find something that you can sell online and make money quickly. Most people have a few unwanted items knocking around and your items might be just what someone else is looking for. If you are paid by Paypal you can instantly withdraw the money to your bank account. Use the buy it now option to allow buyers to pay instantly rather than waiting until the end of an auction.

2. Do online surveys that pay instantly

Surveys might be quite laborious and tedious but they are a way of earning cash quickly. Sites such as instagc, Qmee and prizerebel (after the first withdrawal) all pay instantly to Paypal. The money you earn could be in your paypal account within seconds of cashout. Great if you need an extra tenner urgently and are willing to put in a bit of effort!

3. Sell a gig on Fiverr

Fiverr are the ultimate marketplace for selling your talent, so if you are a writer, artist, singer, poet, website designer, logo maker – just about anything you can sell your abilities on fiverr. Fiverr offers an easy sign up process for creators and you can sell just about any creative service you can think of on there. So, sign up, sell your abilities and you could be earning money in no time.

4. Sell your writing

If you are a reasonably talented wordsmith the internet needs you! Just about every website requires content, so if you can write interesting articles or features you could turn your talent into cash.

Content mills such as Contently pay writers every day and have a constant stream of clients looking for good writers. Signing up is free and you will be asked to post some examples of your work. Once you have completed sign up you can start earning right away

5. Sell your services locally

Do you know anyone who might need their grass cutting, dog walking or windows cleaning? What about pet sitting or house cleaning? Placing a card in a shop window or posting in local Facebook groups might bring in some interest. Or you could print out some flyers and push them through doors or if you are brave you could even knock doors yourself and ask for work. The fact that you are willing to put yourself out there will show potential clients that you are serious.

Tempting as it is when you need money, try to avoid borrowing unless it is interest free. While friends and family might be willing to stand you some cash, loan companies and doorstep lenders will charge you handsomely for the money. If you are desperate and have no money at all, check out our emergency advice here.

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