Old Fashioned School Puddings

old school puddings recipes

Oh to go back to the days of Jam Roly Poly, Cornflake Cake and Pink Custard! My favourite old fashioned school pudding was (and still is) butterscotch tart but chocolate concrete comes a very close second!

You won’t find these desserts in the shops anymore, but did you know they are really easy to make at home. And they don’t cost a lot to make either which is why we have included them in our Cheap Eats section/

So here are some recipes for our absolute favourites


Old School Pudding Butterscotch Tart


35g plain flour
175g unsalted butter
100ml milk
175g soft brown sugar

1 readymade shortcrust pastry case OR

200g plain flour
100g butter or margarine chilled
2 tbsp cold water

To make the pastry:

Place 200g plain flour into a bowl.  Chop the butter into small pieces (or grate) and add it to the bowl.  Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs.

Add the cold water gradually, mixing with a round ended knife until the mixture starts to come together.  Knead lightly making sure all the flour is incorporated from inside the bowl and then turn out onto a floured surface. 

Roll out the dough until it approximately 5cm larger than an 18cm sandwich tin. Drape the pastry over the rolling pin and place over the tin.  Press the pastry down into the corners of the tin but do not cut off the excess pastry.  Place in the fridge to chill for half an hour.

Heat the oven to 200C/Gas Mark 6/400F.

Place baking beans into the baking case or if you do not have baking beans cut out a square of greaseproof paper, place it over the pastry and weight it down with dried beans or rice.

Bake for 15 minutes, then remove the beans or rice and bake for a further 5 minutes.

To make the filling:

Place the butter and most of the milk in a saucepan.  Heat over a low heat until the butter is melted.

Add the sugar and the remaining milk.  Stir the mixture well until it comes together.  

Sieve 35g plain flour and whisk it in little by little.  Ensure you add it gradually and stir it well over a low heat to prevent lumps.

Once the flour is added let the mixture bubble away for a minute or so.  Let the mixture cool slightly before pouring into your pastry case. 


Jam Roly Poly Pudding

Ingredients: (Serves 4)
175g self-raising flour
15g butter plus a little extra for greasing
2 tbsp caster sugar
75g shredded suet
115ml milk
125g strawberry or raspberry jam
pinch of salt


Preheat the oven to 200C/Gas Mark 6/400F.  Place a wire rack over a roasting tin.   Cut 35cm lengths from a roll of baking paper and a roll of foil.  Grease the baking paper and make a pleat in the middle.

Sieve the flour and the salt into a bowl.  Rub in the butter.  Stir in the suet and the sugar.

Add the milk and mix with a knife to form a soft dough.   Roll out on a floured surface to a 25cm by 30cm rectangle.

Spread the jam onto the dough leaving a small gap of 1cm all the way around.  Moisten this edge with water.

Roll up the dough from the short side, rather like a Swiss Roll.  Press the edges together to form a seal then place onto the greased baking paper.  Roll up loosely leaving room for the roly poly to expand.

Loosely wrap the foil around the roly poly and pinch the edges together.

Fill the roasting tin about one thirds full with boiling water.  Place the roly poly onto the wire rack ensuring that it does not touch the water.

Place in the oven and bake for 45 minutes

Note: To make “dead man’s leg” which is an alternate version of roly poly do not wrap the pudding.  Instead place directly on a baking tray and brush the top with milk.  The pastry will crack and the jam will ooze out giving the appearance of a dead man’s leg.  Sprinkle with sugar when baked. 


Cornflake Tart


For the pastry
180g flour
80g butter or margarine
30ml water

For the filling
110g golden syrup
80g cornflakes
40g margarine
30g sugar
110g strawberry jam


Preheat the oven to 200C/Gas Mark 6/400F.

To make the pastry, rub the butter or margarine into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs.  Add the water gradually until the pastry comes together.  Knead gently.

Roll out the pastry and line a flan dish or sandwich tin.  Bake blind for 20 minutes.

In a heavy bottomed saucepan, combine the butter, golden syrup and sugar.  Heat gently until melted.  Add in the cornflakes and stir well. 

Spread the jam over the pastry base and then top with the cornflake mixture. 

Return to the oven for 5 minutes to set.

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