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Our honest PrizeRebel Review:

If you have been looking to make a little extra money recently, you have most probably come across paid surveys. Whilst these quick and easy surveys are not likely to make you rich, it is possible to earn £10-20 per week simply by filling in simple surveys.

So what’s the catch? Well there isn’t really a catch, essentially you are selling your personal information and opinions to companies for a fee. However once the companies have your information, they are free to do what they want with it. Whilst many say they will only use it for research purposes, some might sell it on to other companies or use it for marketing.

Not all survey sites are ethical and neither are survey providers. Some will screen you out towards the end of a survey on purpose to avoid paying. Others will frequently disqualify you even though you have apparently been matched with the survey you are trying to answer.

Some really unscrupulous survey sites will try lots of tricks to avoid paying such as closing your account and confiscating your balance, or saying that you somehow flouted the rules or were caught giving inconsistent answers. Luckily word gets around the survey community pretty quickly and these sites often end up changing their name or going out of business completely.

Honest survey sites luckily are much more common than their unscrupulous counterparts and in our opinion two of the best are Swagbucks and PrizeRebel. We will be doing a feature on Swagbucks quite soon, but as this article is about PrizeRebel let’s jump right in with the PrizeRebel review

So What’s So Good About PrizeRebel? Our PrizeRebel Review:

Prizerebel is both a get paid to and a survey site so you can earn cash by doing surveys, completing offers or watching videos. There are also sweepstakes, free points codes and bonuses depending on your loyalty level.

Every new member starts off at bronze level and once you have earned your first 1000 points – worth $10 you progress to Silver level. Once you have earned 4500 points or $45 you become Gold Level. It is as Gold Level that Prize Rebel really comes into it’s own.

All Gold Level and above members receive instant cashouts of their rewards. That means if you request a paypal of Paypal it will be in your account in just a few minutes

PrizeRebel Loyalty Levels

Prize Rebel Offer Some Of The Best Rewards Around

Unlike most survey and get paid to sites, who pay out in Paypal and Amazon Vouchers, PrizeRebel have literally hundreds of rewards on offer.

Of course you can have your Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Card if that’s what you want, but you could also choose a prepaid Visa card, a prepaid Mastercard, a Google Play card or an Apple Store credit.

But that’s not all. If you want to cash your points in for store credit, Prize Rebel offers a second to none selection of gift cards including:

  • Asda
  • H&M
  • Nike
  • Debenhams
  • Marks & Spencers
  • New Look
  • Tesco
  • TK Maxx
  • Argos
  • Footlooker

And if you are feeling hungry or thirsty, you can also exchange your points for Starbucks Cards or A Great British Pub Company voucher. Or if it’s games you like, exchange for a Steam gift card. You can even earn Task Rabbit Vouchers.

PrizeRebel Offers Lots of Different Surveys From Many Providers

Unlike other companies who only provide a few surveys, you are unlikely to run out of surveys with PrizeRebel. They offer surveys from lots of companies including Yuno, Samplicious, Your Surveys, Market Cube, Toluna, Peanut Labs, Cint, Tap Research and several more.

So How Much Will I Earn?

Obviously how much you will earn depends on how much time you spend doing surveys but Prize Rebel are one of the most generous paying sites. Each point is worth 1 cent so 100 points equals one dollar. Even though the points are worked out in US dollars, Uk rewards are calculated at the equivalent cost in our money

Daily surveys are worth about 76 points each and take just a few minutes but it is not uncommon to find surveys paying up to 200 points or more.

Sampilicious pay between 90 and 110 points each depending on the time taken per survey.

What Is The Minimum Cashout Amount?

You can cash out 500 points or more so that is just a couple of hours work to reach a pay out. When you reach Gold Level you can cash out 300 points or more.

Just a couple of hours work created some extra spending money for Christmas

Payments for gold members or above are made instantly but even if you haven’t yet reached Gold level your payment will be processed within about 24 hours. PrizeRebel really are one of the fastest paying survey sites around

Referral Bonuses

You can earn money for referring your friends to PrizeRebel with a 15% to 30% bonus paid to you on all points they earn. How much you will actually earn depends on your rank in the loyalty program.

What We Love About PrizeRebel

  • Very few declines compared to other survey sites
  • Loyalty program which provides bonuses as you go up the ranks
  • Instant Payouts – you can’t get better than instant payments
  • Trustworthy and responsive customer service
  • Lots of opportunities to earn, surveys, referrals, offer walls and competitions
  • Well paid surveys – no scratching around for pennies
  • Low mimimum payouts
  • Good choice of rewards

What We Think Could Be Improved about PrizeRebel

  • You need to wait 30 plus days for some Offer Wall completions to credit
  • Survey owners have up to 30 days to approve a survey although the vast majority do credit instantly
  • Some survey providers perform much better than others. Survey Says for Good performed particularly badly for us but they may have a different preferred demographic to the UK

You can sign up for Prize Rebel here
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