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Too Good to Go is an innovative app which helps to prevent food waste, as well as offering great value surplus food. Save the planet and save money, that’s the sort of philosophy we like here at Get Money Today.

Restaurants and food shops often have food left over at the end of the day. Much of this ended up in skips, in the UK we throw away around 6.7 million tonnes of food every year. That 10.2 billion £’s worth of food, much of which is perfectly usable.

As the name suggests Too Good To Go, offers restauranteurs and retailers the opportunity to avoid wasting their surplus food. And for customers that is great news because we can pick up some absolutely brilliant bargains.

All you have to do is sign up to the app and enter your location. You will then see a list of what is available in your area. A tip is always check towards the end of the day as this is when some of the best deals appear.

How It Works

Currently in my area these are some of the deals on offer:

Local cafe – magic bag – costs £3.99 – could contain bacon rolls, barista coffee, savouries, sandwiches, cakes and pastries – worth at least £12

Coop – 3 or more grocery items which could include ready meals, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and more. Worth at least £10. Coop offer great value in these bags

Toby Carvery – a delicious meat free dinner for £2.29. Saves all those lovely veggies going to waste

It’s really easy to use the app. Just select an offer, pay and go to the restaurant or shop to collect. If you enjoy surprises and are flexible about what you will eat, Too Good To Go can save you some serious money

The Good

Reddit user BarrytheBarman posted this amazing deal that he managed to get in London

A huge selection of Sushi from Iro Sushi in London – £4 pic courtesy of Reddit

Other users have managed to bag top restaurant meals for just a couple of pounds

It stops perfectly good food from being wasted.

It can be great fun discovering what is in your “Magic Bag”

For the most part is great value for money

The Bad

As with everything else in life, occasionally things will go wrong. Users have complained that they have paid for magic bags and when they have turned up to collect them the restaurant knew nothing about it. Others have complained that their orders were cancelled whilst on their way to collect them.

Very occasionally retailers will use the scheme to palm off items that aren’t really fit for consumption or good value for money. Luckily, there is a ratings system which users can use to score each restaurants offerings.

You need to be quite flexible to be able to take full advantage of the scheme. If you have dietary requirements, it probably isn’t for you. Plus you must be willing to pick up at certain hours, in the case of restaurants this might be late at night when they are closing. And if you live somewhere rural or out of a city, there might not be any offerings close to you.


Too Good To Go works best if you live in a city, are flexible about what you will eat and dont mind travelling for pick up. More retailers are coming on board regularly so there will be more choice in the future.

Download the app for Apple or Android

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