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Cashback sites are one of the greatest tools in the money saving arsenal. After all who doesn’t want cash back on the things you have to purchase anyway?

You can claim back hundreds of pounds if you shop smart, and save on utilities, insurance, broadband and even supermarket shopping. The cashback principle is simple. You go through a cash back site to make a purchase and they will give you a percentage of your money back.

So How Do Cashback Sites Work?

When you click a link on the cashback website and go on to make a purchase, your click is tracked. After a set period, usually a couple of months you will receive cash back paid into your cashback account. You can then withdraw this or use it to save money at other sites in the form of giftcards or vouchers.

So What’s the Catch?

Getting cash back on money you have to pay out anyway does sound too good to be true, so is there a catch?

Not really. The cashback site is paid by the companies advertised to “introduce” new users to their sites. They receive a payment for these introductions and a percentage of this is passed back to you, the customer.

You do have to wait for the cashback to be credited – in some cases up to six months but a month or two is more common. This is because the advertiser has to verifiy your purchase before passing the cash on to the cashback site.


Quidco is one of the two “big” cashback sites operating in the UK and offer some really competitive money back offers. Basic membership is free but if you want to save even more money, you can upgrade to premium for just £5 and unlock even bigger savings.

Some of the current deals available at Quidco *

  • Up to £208 cashback with RAC Membership
  • Up to £100 cashback with SSE
  • £75 cashback with British Gas
  • Scottish Friendly Up to £110 back
  • 1.3% cashback at M&S
  • 6.5% cashback at Debenhams

Quidco Highest Cashback Guarantee

Quidco promise that if you purchase through them and then find a better cashback deal on a UK cashback site within 72 hours of purchase, you will receive up to double the difference (premium members) or a cashback top up of 2% (basic members)

Cashback Grocery Deals Clicksnap

Quidco also offer cashback when you buy certain items at supermarkets and scan in your receipt. Every week new offers are available and although they work with all major supermarkets, the best deals seem to be available at Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Some of their cashback offers let you get the item you purchased completely free, whilst others offer quite a significant saving. The Clicksnap app lets you scan your receipts directly to claim your cashback.

Sign up at Quidco and Start Saving

Top Cashback

Top Cashback is the other major player in the UK cashback market. They bill themselves as the UK’s highest paying cashback site, and like Quidco offer both basic and premium membership.

Some of the deals currently available with Top Cashback*

  • Topcashback compare insurance – £42.48
  • Audible – £10
  • Post Office Fibre – up to £90 cashback
  • Sky – up to £120 back
  • Ebay – 1.2%
  • o2 – up to £105 cashback

Cashback on In store Purchases

You can get cashback on purchases you make instore as well as online. To qualify for instore cashback register your debit or credit card. When you shop you will get your cashback credited to your account.

Sign up at Top Cashback

*Cashback deals correct at the time of writing but may change at any time.

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