Why No Content Books Are A Scam

Have you been taken in by one of the many YouTube adverts or “influencers” telling you that you can make money from creating journals and selling them on the Kindle platform? According to the shills this is the next big money making thing, and they have even rolled out platforms to help you createn no content books.

Before you invest any money, or if you have already been taken in by one of these “opportunities” before you get your money back, let me tell you why this just won’t work.

Why No Content Books Never Sell

Kindle, or Kindle Direct Publishing as the self-publishing arm of the Amazon corporation is known, is a great platform which has helped thousands of authors publish work that might not be possible with traditional forms of publishing.

Kindle Direct Publishing is designed for e-books and paperback books, with the latter being printed on demand. Unlike traditional publishers who print books in large runs, KDP only print books when they are sold. They store a print ready copy of each book on their servers and when one is ordered it is printed by one of Amazons print factories and dispatched to the customer.

Those pushing “no content book opportunities” saw the chance to exploit this print on demand system and use it in a way in which it was never designed. They told people it was possible to make huge money on Amazon by designing “journals” and other low content books which mainly consisted of a cover and blank pages.

No content books do not sell

Amazon is way too smart for scammers

Fortunately Amazon are far too smart for that to work. KDP is designed for properly written, content driven books which are designed to appeal to buyers. The print on demand system was never meant for journals, diaries and books with masses of blank pages. Not only was the market already flooded with properly produced journals and diaries, Amazon knew that some of the poor quality attempts that people were trying to push through the system, would never sell a single copy.

Before a book is approved by KDP it has to go through review. There are thousands of genuine and well written books waiting to be approved on the system at any one time. Therefore the low content stuff gets pushed right to the very back.

If you do actually manage to get a low content book through the review process, you won’t make a sale. They won’t appear in search results as the search algorhythm is set not to show these items. So it is a waste of time.

KDP is a fantastic system and a brilliant resource for authors when used correctly. By correctly I mean by writing proper, content rich books designed to appeal to buyers. There is no get rich quick scheme when it comes to writing. If you want the reward you have to put in the effort.

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